Company Car Tax Calculation

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadster GT C 557hp Auto

A company car driver can expect to pay vehicle benefit tax If the company pays for the use of fuel on private journeys, tax on fuel benefit will also be applied. Use our fuel benefit check tool to give you an indication of what this would look like.

Vehicle benefit tax

Tax year to 5th April2020/212021/222022/23
P11D value£150,186£150,186£150,186
Percentage charge37%37%37%
Benefit in kind£55,569£55,569£55,569
Tax payable at 20%£11,114£11,114£11,114
Tax payable at 40%£22,228£22,228£22,228

Fuel benefit tax

Tax year to 5th April2020/212021/22
P11D value£24,500£24,500
Percentage charge37%37%
Benefit in kind£9,065£9,065
Tax payable at 20%£1,813£1,813
Tax payable at 40%£3,626£3,626

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Additional tax arising from use of the vehicle (£)

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Assumptions used

Tax Components

On the road price including options£152,416
First-year VED£2,175
Manufacturers price date31-Mar-2020
Value for P11D excluding options£150,186
Taxable accessories£ 0
Non-taxable items £2,230
Capital contributions£ 0
Amount paid annually for private use of the car£ 0
Fuel type key letter A
Euro standard 6d-TEMP
Electric battery range 0miles

The base data has been taken from the manufacturer and applied to the latest tax information. Errors or changes could arise. Send a Calculation Enquiry if there is something you don't understand or think might be incorrect. Please see the full Terms and Conditions.

Vehicle Details

CO2 emission 293 gpkm
Maximum CO2 293 gpkm
Green label
Corporation tax 6% WDA
Fuel typepetrol
NCAP safety rating
Number of seats2
Fuel consumption (mpg) mpg21.9 to 21.9
Number of doors2
Acceleration 0 to 623.7s
Maximum speed196.0mph
Insurance group50