Kg CO2 per litre of petrol

If you burn a litre of diesel this will produce 2.6391 kgs of carbon dioxide. Petrol has a lower carbon content and so produces 2.3035 kgs of CO2. The precise figures depend on the quality of the fuel. Since fuel weighs less than a kilogram per litre, it is interesting to see how the weight of emissions is multiplied by the addition of oxygen. The tables below show how the official test figures for CO2 emissions and combined MPG can be equated to see how individual vehicles perform in terms of CO2 per litre. Some cars appear to do better than the standard chemistry would suggest, whereas others do worse. The official tests measure exhaust gases only and then calculate the fuel consumption. So these figures show how far off the recording of test results can be due to errors, rounding differences, and the leeway of around 4% given to manufacturers to decide on which fuel consumption figure to use.

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Top 10 CO2 per litre petrol vehicles
makemodelderivativeCO2 (kg/l)CO2 (gpkm)Litre per 100kmMPG (combined)
makeAston MartinmodelDBS Superleggeraderivative5.2 V12 715hp AutoCO2kg/l1.25CO2gpkm285Litre per 100km22.78MPG (combined)12.4
makeSkodamodelFabia Newderivative1.0 TSI SE L 110PSCO2kg/l1.91CO2gpkm107Litre per 100km5.6MPG (combined)50.4
makeJaguarmodelE-Pacederivative2.0P I4 R-Dynamic S 200PS AWD AutoCO2kg/l2.13CO2gpkm175Litre per 100km8.21MPG (combined)34.4
makeVolkswagenmodelTiguanderivative1.4 TSI ACT SE Navigation 150 4MOTION OldCO2kg/l2.14CO2gpkm148Litre per 100km6.91MPG (combined)40.9
makeFiatmodel500X Cross Lookderivative1.3 FireFly Turbo City Cross 150hp DCTCO2kg/l2.16CO2gpkm140Litre per 100km6.49MPG (combined)43.5
makeLand RovermodelRange Rover Evoquederivative2.0 Si4 Landmark Edition 290hp 4WD AutoCO2kg/l2.18CO2gpkm188Litre per 100km8.61MPG (combined)32.8
makeMazdamodelMazda2derivative1.5 SE-L Nav+ 90PS SKYACTIV-G AutoCO2kg/l2.18CO2gpkm118Litre per 100km5.4MPG (combined)52.3
makeMazdamodelMazda2derivative1.5 Sport Black+ 90PS SKYACTIV-GCO2kg/l2.18CO2gpkm111Litre per 100km5.1MPG (combined)55.4
makeVolkswagenmodelTiguanderivative1.4 TSI ACT SE Navigation 150 4MOTION DSG OldCO2kg/l2.18CO2gpkm155Litre per 100km7.1MPG (combined)39.8
makeFordmodelAll-New Focusderivative1.0L EcoBoost ST-Line 125PSCO2kg/l2.19CO2gpkm107Litre per 100km4.9MPG (combined)57.7
Bottom 10 CO2 per litre petrol vehicles
makemodelderivativeCO2 (kg/l)CO2 (gpkm)Litre per 100kmMPG (combined)
makeBMWmodelX4 NewderivativexDrive M40i AutoCO2kg/l3.2CO2gpkm205Litre per 100km6.41MPG (combined)44.1
makeSEATmodelAlhambraderivative1.4 TSI S 150PSCO2kg/l2.89CO2gpkm153Litre per 100km5.3MPG (combined)53.3
makeMercedes-BenzmodelGLAderivativeGLA 180 Urban EditionCO2kg/l2.77CO2gpkm158Litre per 100km5.7MPG (combined)49.6
makeDSmodelDS 3derivative1.2 PureTech Café Racer 110hp S&S EAT6CO2kg/l2.71CO2gpkm119Litre per 100km4.39MPG (combined)64.3
makeCitroenmodelC3 Aircross SUVderivative1.2 PureTech Feel 130hp S&SCO2kg/l2.7CO2gpkm119Litre per 100km4.4MPG (combined)64.2
makeBMWmodelM4 ConvertiblederivativeM4 Convertible DCTCO2kg/l2.68CO2gpkm233Litre per 100km8.69MPG (combined)32.5
makeMercedes-BenzmodelCLA CoupéderivativeCLA 200 AMG Line Night Edition 7G-DCTCO2kg/l2.66CO2gpkm146Litre per 100km5.5MPG (combined)51.4
makeAlfa RomeomodelGiuliettaderivative1.4 TB Sport 120hpCO2kg/l2.65CO2gpkm164Litre per 100km6.19MPG (combined)45.6
makeFiatmodelPanda 4X4derivative0.9 TwinAir 85HPCO2kg/l2.65CO2gpkm130Litre per 100km4.9MPG (combined)57.6
makeFiatmodelPanda Crossderivative0.9 TwinAir 90HPCO2kg/l2.65CO2gpkm130Litre per 100km4.9MPG (combined)57.6