Some people say, "It's like taking a bath in testosterone". Some might even say, "It's the greatest show on Earth". What we do know is that this year, the Top Gear Trio are the ringmasters and the show is simply called the "MPH".

The show begins in London, Earl's Court on the 1st November and then on the 8th November it starts again at Birmingham's NEC.

Whatever day and whatever location you choose you will be treated to a Clarkson, Hammond and May, all-live car show where I can honestly say after my experience last year "it feels like no expense is spared".

Expect a car catwalk that would put a Monaco casino parking lot to shame, and then imagine the Top Gear presenters personally introducing you to each vehicle in turn.

Maybe not all Comcar users will be scoping out the Mercedes SLR McLaren, Koenigsegg CCX or the Bugatti Veyron as their next company car, but if you fancy seeing these cars up close then the MPH should be your next day out. Besides the live action arena, it offers a wide selection of supercars parked inside the halls for you to wander around.

To get you in the mood you could browse the Comcar website and marvel at the £800K Veyron's company car tax efficiency. If you're feeling lucky why not e-mail your saved configuration to your fleet manager, who knows? Or, if you prefer something a touch more practical to get you to the office, Citroen will be there with their latest C-Crosser, C-4 Picasso, and C6. Citroen even have the C4 Coupe tearing it up onstage alongside the Top Gear Boys. Jaguar will show off its new X-Type scheduled for release next year; and Volvo is bringing the whole family, including the new V70, S40 R-Design, C30, sporty XC70 and the XC60 Concept, which Volvo is touting as the design future for the whole range.

Ascari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Connaught, Corvette... the list goes on and I haven't even got past the letter C. The new Jaguar XF will also perform in what the MPH website describes as a "tyre-screeching, engine-screaming performance like no other". With stunt driving, choreographed action sequences and pyrotechnics. As all but a certainty, the show is sure to thrill.

Tickets for the MPH Motor Show are available online and will set you back £23. Oh, and while you are there, if you look very carefully amongst the shine and glamour you may just spot some of the Comcar Crew walking about enjoying the show.