As a result of the vehicle recalls that Toyota endured during the end of 2009 and through January 2010, Toyota still have a lot to do to regain what was previously an excellent reputation.

As well as an overhaul of supply and quality issues, which might have got stretched as Toyota's output took it to the largest car sales in the world, Toyota has extended its manufacturer vehicle warranty to 5 years on all their new cars sold. This is a display of confidence in their products. Most other manufacturers have a 3 year warranty but Toyota's increase puts them on a par with Hyundai, who also offer a 5 year warranty, while the industry leader is Kia with a 7 year warranty.

Don't assume that all new vehicles come with a 3 year minimum warranty. Peugeot offer a 2 year warranty on their new vehicles whereas Citroen offers a 3 year warranty providing the vehicle does not exceed 60,000 miles in the first two years, otherwise the warranty is only effective for 2 years.